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You can't do yoga, then start cycling.


Everyday people are suffering from various diseases, spend the whole day in medicine and rest, but do not think about the lifestyle, if you want to improve your life, then use the time and fill your life with happiness every day. Give one hour in which your body has been working with you, you should forget the medicine

You may have noticed that very few people ride bicycles, nowadays they only ride bikes or scooters, even to travel some distance, use scooters or bikes, some people do not like to see the bicycle, but bicycle considers a small thing.


bicycles is beneficial for health and at the same time provides energy to our body, keeps other diseases away, research is done on any small things, so there has been research on the use of bicycle. Cycle is a good easy to do labor as well. It removes some elements of our body in which weight loss, whole body work works, you are also stress free because all the attention is in your bicycles every day. Body energy remains in movement

After spending some time watching the cycle, and thinking about how you have experienced the cycle, you felt good at some distance, but after taking some distance, you will start to voice your feet, in which you will start feeling tired. If you have trouble breathing then this is the reason that your body's capacity has been depleted, now the body is not made for this work, then you have to reinforce the body, 


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