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This tree lives for a long time


There is a plant that grows up and becomes a tree. It is always a straight tree, its branch is very strong, its leaves are very long, palm tree medicine is also made, it is used in diseases. I have a lot to know

This tree grows to 30 feet tall, has huge leaves, has a scanty branch, it grows in a circle, the stem is full of colors, the shirao is very thick, it comes twice a year and the leaves are long. It stays green till many species of it are found, this tree lives for a long time, I planted this tree about 10 years ago and it keeps growing every day.

[photography by LG Smartphone]

You can also plant a Palm plant at home, in this you can become a magnificent garden, for this you have to start with a small pot, it should have 60 percent soil, it should be 30 percent dung or 10 percent sand, these days the plant is found everywhere. You can apply it at home easily, water will be given in time to start, then very little water is required, because this plant starts growing fast, so you have to change your flowerpot or you do not break the flowerpot in your house. But it was done and it has happened, my flowerpot is broken, now it needs a big pot

It should always be planted in a warm place. This plant grows quickly, it needs sunlight. Wherever this plant is planted, there should be no watering, it spoils your plant, its roots are not very strong. It has other roots in it. The plant can also grow, its leaves should be cut when it is dry or it leaves new leaves. Your plant is growing or should be planted immediately on the ground because the plant does not grow fast in the pot, it stops a place, so always the plant Should get a place 

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