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Fairs are beautiful for children. (533)


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Whenever I go home, I come across a fair on the way. The fair is organized at a distance of about 500 meters. The timing of the fair is from 1 pm to 12 midnight. Fairs are always closed in the morning. At that time the shopkeeper goes to sleep. That's why I always watch in the evening. Then she brought me Jalebi. Then I thought that I can buy Jalebi from the fair.

That's when I saw a parent coming with his two children. He stops at a shop. All the toys there are for Rs 60. Children love toys the most. His father has said that you do not need toys. Just keep watching. That's why I am showing you some toys here also. I have started thinking. That I liked many toys in my childhood. Then I wanted to get a toy. But I don't have money. So I have kept that toy for next time. We both brothers have bought a toy together. Whose price is Rs 180. It took 2 years to buy it. Therefore, the value of money should not be underestimated. That moment is the most memorable for me.

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