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Pray That everyone should be safe


It is a beautiful day. In which everyone is at home. And pray That everyone should be safe. But there are some such people. Those who play with their lives. And risks others. But first of all we should not think about ourselves. Therefore, the safety of others is in our hands. Therefore, one always gets the life of  once. And it is made by someone's making. I always walk thinking of others. But I have been watching the world. Only bad people in the world are getting more. They harm others.

I see the day coming out. It sees all. Then I get up, thanking God. I go out of the house with a mask on my face. And going to the farm. But a lot of people meet on the way. Some have a mask on their face. Some stayed without a mask. I understand them That learn to help others. Do not seek your happiness, help others. As soon as you get out of the house, you should put a mask on your face. But he does not think of anyone. Sunlight is getting brighter. The wind is blowing. Life has stopped from here and there. Th

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