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Our world is the Lovely. Don't spoil it.



This morning has left. The sun is coming in its light on the earth. Earth is looking like heaven. This is heaven only. Because increasing pollution has stopped. And the sky is shining blue. Which is providing a new energy. Fill the first rays in your eyes. And touch the sky. This is the real life identity. God has given us another day. In this, we have to make dreams come true. Thank God. He never considers us different. He makes this world of ours.


The sun has reached above the trees. The sun does not come out for a few days. Then everything will be finished. This is what God created, air, water, fire, soil, the precious part of life. So there is only one puppet. He does not know That other people are trying to understand. But they are spoiling their lives. May be good in the coming day. We have to bless our God. That is our important link. Without it, not even a single leaf moves. And that makes people wrong. We have to start our identity. And people have to be seen. That how many mistakes we make should also be taken care of.


Our world is the sweetest. Don't spoil it, it gives us a gift of life. And others get a chance to learn. But only what we do. We do evil of the world. They only do dirty things everywhere. And lets others do the same. He never thinks. That we have given birth to a new disease. She is growing daily. And will keep increasing. Because I ever get out. So some people are sitting and talking among themselves. But these diseases have increased the distance. God has shown a glimpse of himself. He keeps saying Keep doing the right thing. The world will go on. Keep on doing wrong things. So I will start a new war again. In which you will only get sorrow. He understands us every day.

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