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My own farm! Together we have planted some trees


It was a few weeks ago, that Pawan has planted some trees in his field, I hope he can give good benefits because he pure our environment and brings a new ray of life, so we have brought 115 trees. We will continue this work because we plant trees elsewhere, now we have planted the crops of our fields so we can get better trees soon. Days will be better tree

Right now the winter season is going on and soon it is going to be a summer season, we have to plant more trees in it, so we can get many trees soon, we can just plant them all around the fields, but for this we prepared the soil with very good sowing. Yes, we can easily plant trees in this way, although we have given a difference of about 6 feet, this can be quite a difference for a tree, now we have to irrigate for a few days or for some reason if any tree dries up, It will be removed and put another tree, it can easily grow another tree and our place will not be spoiled. Last year we had about 25 dried trees, yet it is in bad condition.


Have you ever thought that the environment is a precious part of our life, so we planted some plants even a few days ago, so we are continuing our work, I have been planting trees everywhere for two or three months, now we started planting trees in the fields Yes, we have hired about 12 laborers for this work, which we pay about 350 rupees per day, we give 6200 rupees because everyone has to walk for 1 to 25 km, so we need water but still lack of water There is no reason why we will plant all the trees well. We have also taken some village area, that too we have to complete, just a part of the road has been incomplete, soon the rest is expected to be completed, so I teamed up with Pawan All work is asked to continue



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