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In every moment of life, you need God.


First of all, remembered God. God makes us mercy. But it can only help God only. I have seen a lot in my life. But such a scene has seen the first time. People just love money to save a man. One can save the life of another. But today all has forgotten. God has made earth, sun, air, water, fire. Then the man is nothing for it. Forget it. That one help takes you to heaven. That's why heaven is on this. Just let us search someone.

The sun has gone out. And the light between changes is coming on earth. Lights offer us energy. Happiness has started. But again a virus has spoiled everything. But we ever increased hands to help others. That's why I use my energy for others. The sunlight falls on the body. And we provide a hope. I have made the place between the clouds. But the other is not thinking about this. He is thinking about himself. How a distance is increasing. This is the reason. That the logo has stopped thinking about others.

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