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Good sleep gives us a better life


Everybody loves everyone, it is a sleep, it is always a good sleep, it also increases the immunity of your body, you do a lot for the body to sleep well, but it becomes difficult to get better sleep. I have talked a lot about it. It is thought that most of the sleep is full of dreams, but there is also a sleep different from dreams in which the feeling is very little because it is sometimes very good, so I have done a lot to make sleepy.

First of all, the rule is that you need to get up early in the morning or the day will get better. For this, you need enough sleep. If you rest at night, then the day is good but if you do not sleep at night, then your day is bad. that's why I just want a good sleep, first of all I should concentrate on one place or there is difficulty in learning anything, so there will always be a lack of sleep. Your body also starts getting weaker over time. The first rule is that you Sleep is coming on tim


The second rule is very good, which is to sleep on time and wake up, exercise some time, you need a relaxed sleep in which you will have to change your day to day. First of all you should sleep on time, you should not wake up late in the night. You should wake up in the morning. Should always get up and walk and then exercise, it provides your body energy, regular exercise also relieves you of stress, listen to light music, should read a book for some time or play with children. It should be included in the day. Want to see if it will give you a sleep. Yes

You have to use food and water right before you sleep, you will have to eat 3 hours before bedtime, in this you can sleep in the night properly, you should sleep very little during the day when you are sleepy. So you can sleep for 10 to 15 minutes a day, the day is always for work, so you will always complete the work during the day and sleep at night

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