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Everyone had a different childhood.


Everyone's childhood is different. In his childhood, he presents things in a very beautiful color, which many people remember as he crossed into any task. May we follow the children in caring for the children, where the fathers suffer from it. Secondly, in vain, frequent meals and drinks were not available in the morning in the food of the children, the child would not be without her. Not a single child has been born till today. It seems that children of wealthy people and children of poor parents used to get a pair of property. But it was not sure that she would always be on her feet. Conversation and entertainment: Children and old people and the big difference between us, children easily find what they want,

But in our time everything was different, not so easily, Mother, he used to spend his days in service, that something will be found. It used to be isolated, or any part of it is wasted nowadays, the boys of the family lose half of their lives in vain and thus lose a large part of their capital. In the evening I was sitting in a certain place and I had to draw a line and I had to look very serious, I was afraid of it. He was in my book. How can I have any kind of doubt? I used to see pictures of every scene from outside the window, due to the location near this window, a pool of water under the windows of Lakir's closet, where the stones have fallen into the water.

Then we looked like a book all day long. Our neighbors and neighbors make noise, I came to take bath, at that time I knew and everyone will be stunned, nobody dares to bow their head in water, but we used to jump in water. . While praying he would see everyone descending the ladder. Others also used to come slowly, then used to come in the garden and roam with great cleanliness and freshness. Only fishes swim here. We were forbidden to leave the house. Even at home we were not allowed to roam. We had to see the beauty of the world only through such restrictions.

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