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Coins have seen a bounce and fall


It looked very good in the initial days. Last month I have seen the increasing booming, but this time the order seems to be decreasing. I have talked about the value of the Steem. Has reached 0.95 dollars but is declining rapidly, I have registered a fall, which has reached 0.57 dollars, it may take time to bounce again, so always keep your eye on the steem.

You can see the view line that the SBD is declining rapidly, the value has reached 7.208 SBD but the boom has also been seen, whose value has been 16.05 SBD, it has been declining every day for a few days nowadays the coin market is very My flight goes to the very top, but the SBD flight is going down. It needs to be filled again with a new flight. You can check the SBD in the coin marketplace. I have copied my prices.



A week ago I am buying some TRX but the price of TRX is moving towards the fast phase. I had bought 100 TRX but have sold some 9 TRX which has gained in value. I am very happy. I get a few TRX per day. In which we can work on our activity but there is still 91 TRX left, in which I want to sell after increasing, due to which the value of TRX decreases rapidly, so I will buy some TRX and keep them safe now. Some coins have been lost in the market, so TRX should always be protected.

This time the bitcoin price is increasing rapidly, has touched about 51,00,000, can soon increase the price but in just two days the price is decreasing again. Maximum can be reduced so give your opinion

There is a good chance to buy some coins, but before buying, there must be something important in which you are buying it, it must be correct, these days there are frauds. This is a site that always lives on the money of others because they have said that our site was hacked,, but why have you created such a site that has eaten up $ 17.8 million money
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