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Spider Lily with attractive leaves and fragrant white flowers (553) 🌸🌺


Mobile Photograhy




I have planted spider lilies at my house. Once this plant is planted, it becomes many plants. One root can be taken out and planted at another place. For this you can plant it in 15 to 20 inches. These flowers always come in clusters. Its leaves are long and dark in colour. This plant can be two to three feet tall. 7 to 14 buds emerge in one plant. And blooms once in a bud. And blooms continuously for 14 days. The flower blooms only for one to two days. The flowers on this plant are like spiders. Its leaves always remain green. I have planted two colored plants in my house. It is white and red in colour. Right now not a single flower has appeared on the red colored plant. That's why there are always many flowers in summer.

Photos captured by @ahlawat
Camera Device nothing Rear Camera 12MP
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Category Nature, Photography, Flowers, Animals, Birds
Location India
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