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One day God will listen to my prayers.


It is nice to wake up in the morning and see the sun. I started with the rays of the sun. What should we do to make today's day better. First of all, you should remember God. God has made very beautiful. There are humans, trees, animals, birds, air, water, fire etc. What man has created in life. Human beings have just created population, pollution, filth, so wake up, and want to make the earth a paradise. So do some good work. In which your praise should be given. I am just praying to God. And I ask God for mercy for friends too.


Morning morning, I move towards the farm. There is a lot to see on the way. But a place is not found. He is the rays of the sun. Does not appear everywhere. I think to do good. But always goes wrong. Life is like a first. In which there is no waking up and going to sleep. She displays her daily thriller element. Every day experiences something new. But have ever thought. Despite that experience, we still have some questions inside. Finding them becomes an option for us. I have not started thinking yet. Nowadays I walk only on the path shown by God.

Gives us two hands in God. Because one should serve with hands. And kept praying for everyone as well. Never thought of yourself, always thought of another, sometimes you will be pity. Nowadays I saw others working very hard. But it is true that some people hate us. He closes the path for himself and others. Still want mercy One of my help changes life. But something leads to failure. But I think of success. I give myself time And keep working. Still no one thinks of me. I am very confident One day God will listen to my prayers

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Enjoy Sunday The first ray of morning sun touches the heart.
Have a good day.

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