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📷 -53, Farmers always work on time.


Hello friends, good night to all, nowadays all the farmers work with their buffalo. Everyone gets up in the morning. But the farmer always wakes up ahead of time. And do their farming work. He always brings hay with his buggy. Later do the rest. But we have more than ever other comparators.

I always work with my brother. Because they do something different for themselves. He has taken a bull nowadays. They do good work for them. And he works more than buffalo. They sow the field with him. He does other things easily.

I always work with my brother. When I always go to the farm. So I get incoming farmers. He is coming home after working in the field. That's why they do their work on time.





# <center>Here is my 53th entry</center>
## <center>Medium : 13mp Camera Smartphone</center>
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