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Teacher: Students Role Model



Teachers are the second parents as well as a role model for students. With that said, it is important for the teachers to be able to stand as an example of excellence, with a great attitude to be looked up to for the students. A teacher is not successful even if he is able to lecture a lesson well, the teacher only becomes successful if they incorporate a fun, learning atmosphere where interaction is required and where the students approve. The relationship between the teachers and the students should always be reciprocal. Reciprocal communication is where the teacher and students feel comfortable with each other both on the lecture as well as being the receiving end. If a harmonious relationship can be established in a lesson, it is believed to speed up the learning process in students.
Source In seeking harmonious relationships with students, the teacher should be able to identify the back grounds of their students. Going beyond the name and the address, it is essential for a teacher to know family backgrounds, status, problems in order to foster a harmonious social relationship with these students. Teachers should also be wise, and not judge mistakes. Teachers should be able to reach out, dig and find out the real reason behind the students behavior. It is highly possible that these student have encountered problems pertaining to his family or the people around him which distracts him from class. It is the job of the teacher to calm the student down and to talk to find a resolution to the problem.
Source Harmonious relationships of teachers and students can also be nurtured by having a constant friendly fun approach to the students. An example would be a simple reward to a correct answer, an appreciation, even a thumbs up would do. Students in turn, will feel happy, proud and appreciated for their intelligence, and eventually would feel confident in themselves and become motivated to learn and study more. The harmonious relationship between a teacher and student is very important in school. Both teachers and students should appreciate each other and become equally comfortable with one another. Comfortability that is also extended to the learning process that needs to be active and fun for it to be effective. Through this, the goals of a teacher for their students will be met.
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