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Hello guys, today the green vegetables were very tasty because we had brought cauliflower.



In India, cauliflower is cultivated throughout the year. Along with Vitamin B, protein is also found in sufficient quantity in it as compared to other vegetables. Cool and humid climate is most suitable for cauliflower cultivation. When the temperature is high at the time of preparation of cauliflower, its flowers become leafy and yellow in color. Growing this vegetable in hot temperatures makes its taste spicy. Apart from all these circumstances, there are some other factors which affect the yield of cauliflower. For example, attacks on crops by insects and diseases. To prevent these, the yield can be increased by taking proper care of the crop and adopting appropriate measures at the right time.

Cauliflower insects suck the juice from cabbage leaves, causing them to turn yellow and fall off. Due to these pests, the remaining leaves of cauliflower get twisted and become stubby shaped. As soon as the attack of these pests is seen on the cabbage plants, apply 17.8 SL 60 ml. Mix it in 150 of water and spray it on the plants.

Apart from this, bright back moth is also an important insect attacking cauliflower plants which lays eggs on the underside of cabbage leaves. Not only this, the green caterpillar eats the leaves of cauliflower and makes holes in them. If it is not stopped on time, the yield can suffer a loss of up to 80-90 percent. To protect against these pests, mix 40 grams of neem seed extract per liter of water and spray it at the initial stage of flowering. After this, spray again at an interval of 10-15 days. Do not spray when the flowers are fully developed. Apart from this, spray 200 grams of BT solution per acre on the 35th and 50th day after transplantation

Farmer friends, cauliflower leaves are often attacked by caterpillars. It eats cabbage leaves and spoils the crop. To prevent this, mix 2.5% EC or 100 grams of Benzoate 5 SG in 150 of water and spray it per acre. You can also mix 40 grams of Neem extract per liter of water and spray it on the plants. If the damage is more then apply 75 WP 40 grams per 15 litres. Mix it in water and spray it on the plants. By adopting the above measures, good yield can be obtained from the cauliflower crop.


There was a lot of taste after making cauliflower as a vegetable. Today we brought something very tasty to eat after 10 days because we ate it to our full stomach.

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