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In today's article we are going to tell you a funny story of rabbit and rat. So let us know


Once upon a time. There lived a rabbit family in a dense forest. The rabbit's hole was in a place where large and hunting animals lived nearby.


The rabbit and his family were always afraid that this dangerous animal might make our family a victim. If he heard even the slightest movement near his house, he would immediately hide in his hole

The fear of other animals was so strong on the rabbit family that some of them died of fear just by hearing the sound of any ordinary animal. The big rabbit was very upset after seeing such incidents.

One day a herd of horses passed near his house. Hearing the sound of horses coming, everyone got scared and, like every day, hid in their holes. Due to fear, no one went out of the hole in search of food for the whole day.


The rabbit was very sad to see his family in this situation. He cursed God and said, O God, why have you made us so weak?


What is the point of living like this, in which there is fear for one's life every day? All the rabbits were very sad to see today's situation. Everyone gathered at one place and decided to die.


All the rabbits were going to the river to sacrifice their lives. When they reached near the river, they saw that some rats were running here and there after seeing them. Some rats were entering the holes. Many rats had died after falling into the river.


The rabbits were astonished to see this whole scene. He couldn't believe that anyone could get scared even after seeing him. Till today he considered himself the weakest creature and was cursing God.


Today the rabbits understood that God has created creatures in the world with different characteristics. The person has to remain as he has been made. If someone has some flaws, he also has some qualities. Not everyone can have the same qualities. Knowing this the rabbit and his family returned home.


From this story we learn that God has made everyone powerful in this world. The only difference is that everyone is special in their own field, hence one should not consider oneself weak. We should consider weakness as our strength and try to overcome it.

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