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Indra Dev gave this boon to the beautiful mountain girl Phyoli rauteli after her death… Since then, Phyoli flower started being worshiped in every house…



This beautiful flower called Phyoli or Pyoli is known to be one of the most special flowers in Uttarakhand. For years, this flower has been brought from the fields by children on flower beds in our state, but do you know that this flower that blooms in spring also has its own story!

Actually, there is a popular story associated with Pyoli flower. It is said that there was a very beautiful girl in a village named Sorikot and the name of this girl was Phyoli Rauteli. In those days, people often talked about the beauty of this girl in the village. Being the only child of her father, Phyoli was brought up with great love and affection.


Pyoli was a very beautiful hill girl with long hair and attractive features. One day in the morning when her father was busy in worship, Phyoli got up, combed her long black hair, picked up the water vessel and went out with her friends. But after filling the water, when all the friends returned to their homes, Phyoli stayed there to take bath like every time.

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