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Hello guys there are many benefits of consuming cashew nuts. It contains protein, minerals, iron, fiber


Cashew is such a dry fruit that everyone likes it, from children to adults, and you must have eaten its barfi i.e. Kaju Katli. Not only this, even sweet dishes like halwa and kheer seem incomplete without it. While eating it, did it ever come to your mind how it is made and where it comes from? Maybe your answer will be don't know. Very few people would know that cashew is a fruit and if eaten in its original form, it can be poisonous or cause allergies. So let us tell you how the cashew nuts that reach your homes are made.

Cashews are originally a Brazilian nut, they were first brought to Goa, India by the Portuguese. After which they spread throughout South East Asia. Its tree is specially grown in farms for cashew. The fruit obtained from these trees is called cashew apple. There is a kidney shaped kernel in the lower part of this fruit which after going through many processes becomes the cashew that reaches our homes. In India, ripe cashew apples are usually plucked from the trees in the months of April-May and sorted. After this the kernel beneath the cashew apple is separated. After the moisture is removed, the kernels are roasted in special ways. The cashew kernels are peeled when completely dried. Finally sorting is done according to size and quality.

There are many benefits of consuming cashew nuts. It contains protein, minerals, iron, fiber, folate, magnesium, phosphorus, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. If you use it every day in limited quantity, you will get many benefits from it.

Cashews are very good for memory.

By consuming it our bones become stronger.

The skin also benefits from this.

Cashew strengthens our digestive power.

It maintains energy in the body.

It is a good source of protein. It is also helpful in controlling cholesterol

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