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birds that die every day must be there but the funny thing is rarely seen where the body is.



Have you ever seen a flock of birds, of course often not how many they are in this world. What is clear is very much, friend, now the name of a living creature is certainly birth, there is also death. ![IMG_20190527_171520.jpg]([object Object]) Then have you ever seen dead birds ?? Of course birds that are in the wild, friend, if the bird in the cage is certainly there and is known by the owner. If it is seen from the bird population in the world, the birds that die per day must be there but the funny thing is rarely seen where the bodies are. Does the bird want to die when he wants to hide somewhere ??? In the wild, we often see rat carcasses on the highway and occasional cats, because the population is a lot from the wild in the forest to the city as well as birds. For animals that die, but where they live in a forest environment, humans are rarely seen, except hunters and local residents there. But for vultures rarely seen by humans in urban areas while their population is very much like sparrows, doves and others, what happens ?? Well, according to reason and logic by my friends in the bird coffee shop, it actually dies anywhere and anytime, but what makes the carcass invisible to humans is because birds in urban areas usually have a body that is not too large, so when he dies his body becomes food wild animals such as cats, dogs, mice, ferrets, small insects and bacteria. So even though birds look a lot of populations, their dead bodies are rarely seen by humans. So birds do not die by hiding themselves, they can die anywhere and anytime whether they are healthy or when sick, even birds that die while flying are also present, this disease does exist in the world of poultry. They suddenly die, almost the same as diseases in humans, namely heart attack. But their scientific nature is exposed to direct sunlight which stings directly at altitude can make them die while flying. Not only did it suddenly die, it could also breathe toxic air from vehicle fumes, smell chemicals such as paint in other construction sites. Even eating poisonous insects also exists, to make birds die instantly without any pain process, there are many more causes of sudden bird death. But the carcass that rarely looks as if it has its own mystery, but it turns out that predators in the wild hide the body of the bird.
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