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The Beautiful Beach Atmosphere In The Morning.


![]( ***Good morning all 👋*** **Excuse me,this morning I want to take you to the edge of the beach to enjoy the beach atmosphere in the morning, the wind blows, the sound of the waves are singing, in the farthetic sound of the birds that flocked**. **This is the photos of my brother who I portrait with Canon and then I upload to Sereys to share fun with friends**. ***Savior to the edge of the beach !!!***. ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( Thank you for visiting to my blog, hopefully happiness today , And I hope you are interested and entertained by the photos. Please Don't forget to upvote and share guys !!? **The photo's taken by me @abiyamuda with Canon camera** 📹 **Best regards ;** ***@abiyamuda*** **15 Jan 2019 , Aceh - Indonesia.**
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