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📚[ Motivation Story ]🌿DARE TO BE DIFFERENT🌿


![IMG_20190101_053714.jpg]( Youth is a time full of turmoil and emotion. The period of searching for identity, wanting to be recognized and feeling passionate want to try something new. But actually at this time someone's character and future are formed. Self-actualization at this time makes us aware of our purpose in life. Many find their purpose in life, many also live only through day after day without a definite direction. A successful youth is a youth that is utilized to seek as much knowledge and positive experience as possible. However, most young people consider this period to be a beautiful time to approach the opposite sex, to make fun, every day clubbing, and so on. This is very common everywhere, both in the city and in the village. Especially in today's world, where moral values ​​have begun to shift and be abandoned. Many of them are influenced by fashion, trends, and television media treats that are often not educational. I am concerned about the promiscuity of young people now. It seems that the nation that was once famous for being virtuous and religious, now must begin to reorganize its education. Everything that is glamorous and wahh becomes an idol, immoral becomes pride, popularity is pursued, free association is rampant in animal style, even begins to poison the students. While positive achievements are rarely published, it's like being an old-fashioned item. Where do these feet go? To place A, the program is just a joke; to place B alcohol and drug parties ... With the A, like hanging out; with Si B, eating ati, going out just ... Why are friends confused ...? Why do we have to be the same as them? Don't we have our own dream of success. They will not help realize our dream of success. So, dare you to appear more than others, to pursue our dreams. ![IMG_20190101_053926.jpg]( Do you dare to be different? We are busy studying, while friends hang out at malls or other entertainment venues. Busy ourselves to study business, while others go to parties or discotheques. Friends are busy going out, busy ourselves taking part in investment seminars or MLM seminars. Get used to our diligent exercise, while most people are lazy. Make yourself obedient to worship, while most people remember God only when it's difficult. In short, if the activity is positive, why don't we do it, even though most people are reluctant to do it. Although initially alone, we will certainly meet with people who have the same vision and mission as us. If you don't want to be an average person, then dare to be different, do your best, do challenging work that many people shun. Open employment opportunities for example, or be self-employed. Instead of looking for work, while unemployment is everywhere, employment is very limited. How dare we look different, by being a solution for them, or at least for ourselves ...? For those who have worked in any field, dare you look different by doing your best? Become the best in your field ... Success challenges our courage and hard work, dare we look different,! Citing Dato 'Dr.'s lecture H. Mohd Fadzilah Kamsah from Malaysia, "A brilliant person likes to do what people fail to not do ...!" ![IMG_20190101_053946.jpg]( Congratulations on achieving great success!
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