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How To Get Over 120 years old and stay Healthy


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At the age of 109, Dr. Hendra received congratulations from the president. Photo from Dr. Hendra.

Dr. Hendra said that the secret to his longevity is in his blood vessels. If our blood vessels are clean and healthy, we can live to be 120 years old. And even longer, and stay completely healthy. The cardiologist becomes clear evidence of this claim. Our reporter successfully interviewed Dr. Hendra, who later explained a method of extending life by cleaning blood vessels. The reason is simple.

The function of organs and body systems depends on the quality of blood circulation. Blood circulation is responsible for delivering oxygen and nutrients to various internal organs, as well as transporting carbon dioxide and various metabolic products for disposal. When we were little and teenager, we moved more often, our blood vessels were still relatively new, elastic and clean - nutrients to the various organs of the body were transported optimally.

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As we age, we move less often, and our blood vessels start to get dirty. This is due to many factors, not only clearly detrimental factors (such as smoking, eating unhealthy food, bad environment, sedentary lifestyle), but also natural factors (fat deposition, a process that occurs in all organisms). What exactly are meant by "dirty" veins? Just imagine a pipe full of rust. What happened then? The water pressure increased and the taste became strange and unpleasant.

The same thing happens with blood vessels. When cholesterol or other substances settle in the blood vessels, blood pressure increases (dirty blood vessels are the main cause of hypertension!), The blood contains impurities, the blood circulation becomes chaotic. As a result, changes occur in all organs and systems of the human body. Even on the skin which also includes the human body system. The human body grows old. If you live a healthy life and are diligent in cleaning your blood vessels, you will have the opportunity to live at least 20 years without pain in your organs or joint pain, and your body will work very well.

In other words, cleaning the blood vessels can prolong life and improve your health condition. And none of this is just theory. I recommend this method to my patients and I also practice it myself. Everyone who listens to my advice can live healthier and longer lives than their peers.

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As I mentioned earlier, dirty blood vessels affect the whole body. But the first ones to be affected are the organs and systems directly related to the blood circulation - the cardiovascular system. Dirt from the blood vessels can cause the following diseases to occur: Atherosclerosis. The blood vessels stop functioning properly: the small blood vessels become completely blocked, and cholesterol buildup occurs in the large blood vessels. Ischemic heart disease.

 This disease is caused by routine lack of blood in the coronary arteries, which develops due to blockages caused by impurities from the blood vessels. Stroke. Impaired blood supply in brain tissue causes the death of nerve endings, resulting in loss of certain functions. Hypertension. Dirt from the blood vessels causes narrowing of the lumen and an increase in blood pressure.

 Varicose veins Varicose veins appear on the body, not just on the legs (which is what women are worried about). Hemorrhoids are a result of vein dilation. Venous and arterial thrombosis. The deposition of waste from the blood vessels forms thrombi and results in the death of the blood vessels.

 This can lead to the death of a group of cells from an organism. If the thrombus is dislodged and enters the bloodstream, blockage of the blood vessels in the heart can occur, that is, cardiac arrest, which in 70% of cases is followed by the death of the patient.

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