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Efficacy of water spinach as a medicine


![]( 1.**Vitamin A, B1, C, K protein**. 2.**Calories (energy), carbohydrates, protein, and fat**. 3.**Minerals and important substances, such as iron, calcium, phosphorus, amino acids and carotene**. ***Efficacy of water spinach as a medicine:*** **1. Reducing excessive menstruation.** Take half a kilogram of fresh Kangkung leaves. Wash thoroughly, then mash finely. Pour half a glass of water, strain and pour a tablespoon of honey. Drink once a day at a time. Hadi will be good and smooth. **2.Sharpen vision**. According to research, Kangkung is able to maintain eye vision stability. Vitamin A found in water spinach is 6300 IU, slightly more than spinach which is only 6100 IU. This can be seen from the color of the leaves, the more green the leaves, the higher the content of beta-carotene. That is why Kangkung is believed to be able to increase sharpening eyes. **3. Rich in iron.** Iron is a substance that is very important for our body, its role in forming red blood cells is very vital. As much as 2.5 mg / 100g of iron content is in the Kangkung vegetables. Limping, dizziness and blurred vision are the initial characteristics of iron deficiency. The right way to deal with this is to increase iron intake in our body. One of them consumes water spinach. ![]( **4.Cure insomnia.** Insomnia, which is difficulty sleeping, will heal itself if you want to consume lots of water spinach. Just consume the leaves, without the stem, it will be more effective in treating your insomnia. By eating Kangkung leaves, drowsiness arrives soon, and finally can sleep soundly.
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