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Durian Delicious Soup


![]( When tasted, nature, taste and smell as if being spoiled. Unlike the durian soup I have tried, the durian is mixed with other ingredients so that like thick soup, this durian soup only uses pulverized durian fruit and ice cubes. The texture is very thick and the aroma is tempting. Sop Duren Lodaya uses durian Medan ripe sweet and slightly bitter. The color is white and feels soft in the mouth, like eating a cold version of durian fruit. The addition of grated cheese only adds a little savory and salty flavor to this soup without interfering with durian pleasure. If you wait for the ice to melt, it seems the durian will turn into a thick sauce. But who can afford to wait long for this dish to be presented before the eyes? Durian soup instantly sold out! If this is the case, it feels regret not to order portions that are just the size.
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