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Those days were fun and joy days of my story


#### Today I want to tell you my story. When I was just a little kid, A lot of families live in my neighbourhood. I always used to go to their house and they used to come to my house.those days were fun and joy days of my Childhood. In the morning, school and evening got to play. There is a big field in front of my house but we could not play there because people use to play cricket there. ![images (14).jpeg]( [Source]( # Play time #### So we used to play hide-and-seek around the house. Friends, I want to tell you that the game of Luka Chipi in the rural areas of India is very famous. Sometimes we would have got a fight but children were children. Then the next evening all the children again come to play together. That’s all my childhood memories and even today I wonder why I grew up? ![bigstock-Hide-and-Seek-67717432.jpg]( [Source]( # School time #### We used to have lots of fun in school too. Especially in the afternoon when the lunch break was done, we used to share the Tiffin box brought from our own homes. Hey, I forgot to tell, I remember if a good food came from someone's house then some of my friends would make their food disappear together. But yes, after that, he used to tell him later and sat down with him and even used to eat food. This is all the memories of childhood, which remind me of my childhood even today i wonder why i grew? ![images (15).jpeg]( [Source]( # Festival time #### At the time of the festival, we enjoyed a lot. Together, we used to consider all the festivals very well. Our parents were also supportive. ![images (17).jpeg]( [Source]( ![images (18).jpeg]( [Source]( ## What we doing now #### Time passed and we grew up after growing up, we got to hear different things. All my friends have completed their studies and are now working at all different places. When you have to go to office when you wake up in the morning then you will realize memories of childhood. Whenever we get a break from work, all the friends go around on a magnificent place. Only then do we remember childhood. They were also the days of childhood when neither the tension of work nor the care of anyone. That is all these childhood memories and even today, I wonder why I grew up? ![2017-10-26-14-23-16-611.jpg]( ## My office πŸ‘†πŸ‘‡ ![2017-12-07-18-32-41-492.jpg]( ![IMG_20181121_140550.jpg]( ## Best friends πŸ‘†πŸ‘‡ ![IMG_20181121_140617.jpg]( ## What is the goal of life #### Friends, every person works hard day and night in this crowded life, why? Because we all need one and the same thing and it is happiness. However, even after our loyal efforts, we are not completely happy. That is why I always say to my friends; always try to be happy because life gets only once do not waste it. ![2018-01-03-18-23-12-081.jpg]( ### My niece he loves ice cream 🍨 ### Friends, I am presenting a poem. I have not written this but this is very close to my heart. ## here is the poetry actually this poetry was in hindi but its translated in English by @sharanaithal. I have the right to live freely, because I am childhood I have the right to cry & laugh from the heart, because I am childhood I have the right to hum my own tune, because I am childhood I am innocent, guiltless, steady, because I am childhood I'm in you, in them, in everyone, because I am childhood I am happy, pure & sacred..... Because I am childhood, Because I am childhood! #### Poet Name- Utpal Anand

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### Thank you so much guys ### I hope you like my writing ## Regards @abfarhan
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