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Photography on the way from Dhaka to Sirajganj.


Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.
Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah.
Hello friends! How are you all? Hope you are doing well by God's grace. Alhamdulillah I am very well and healthy by the grace of God. The photographs I will share with you today are the photographs I took while traveling by train from Dhaka to Sirajganj before the train journey when I was standing in line at Kamalapur station to buy tickets and I will share with you how it came to reach Kamalapur station and some I will share the photography.

When I left Dhaka last Thursday, I boarded a bus from Jatrabari. Dropped me to another place by mistake. Then I argued with him that you will not go to Kamnapur then why did you pick me up? But they were not replying to anything but saying to pay 10 taka rent and leave from here. So I paid the ten taka fare and found that road to go to Kamalapur. But a rickshaw puller told me that buses do not ply on this road, instead you go to Kamlapur from Shapla Chattar, buses run through there. So when I was going back towards Shapla Chatwar again the whole road was empty under the flyover I took a photo of the empty road in the morning.

Then I stood there and saw a bus I asked going to Kamalapur? He told me no, I will not go, then I saw another bus, that bus was standing at Shapla square, there were a few passengers inside, everyone got off, after that the bus pulled over, then I stopped the bus and said, "Don't you fall down now?" Then the driver said yes I will go to Konapur I said ok then I will also go I got in the bus. The bus waited for some time at the oil pump and started again after filling up the oil. When I got near to Kamlapur station it took ten taka fare from me, dropped me at Kamlapur station, I took another photo after getting down there.

Then I walked inside Kamalapur station and took a photo of the station before going in and saw many people after entering then took some more photos and saw lots of people standing in line to buy tickets and took their photos. Kamalapur station is the station of Bangladesh from here trains are supplied to all over Bangladesh from here trains run all over Bangladesh. After going to the station, you have to buy tickets from the ticket counter, so many people are standing in line to buy tickets. Some syndicates collect the tickets in advance and when we stand in line one calls and says where to go? If he talks about the place where he can buy tickets, then he says that I have a ticket, give him 400 taka, but the price of the ticket is 200 taka. It is the syndicate who does not collect 200 rupees within a minute.

However, it can be said without a doubt that those who earn money by syndicating do not care about money, but money comes from one side and goes from another. Kamalapur station is always crowded with people. I have previously shown you the situation of the police station in my other posts. As of today, I am concluding my short speech here wishing everyone good health and good health.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for reading my post.
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