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Today I did some beautiful flower photography.


Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.

Assalamu Alaikum Rahmatullah, Friends I hope you are all well by the grace of Allah, I am also very well by the grace of Allah and your prayers. I have appeared again among you, I am with another of my new writings, I hope everyone will like reading my writings and seeing the photographs.

Today I did some beautiful flower photography. Today is Wednesday 11th October 2023. Today I went to our Shaheed Mansoor Ali Institute of Health Technology. Today there was a class from 9 to 10. After the class, I made a preparation to distribute the books to the students because the books came from online order. I took the initiative to give the 15 books this morning, so I was staying inside the campus and my friends Abdur Rahman and Abdur Rahim and some girlfriends were discussing together.

The books were in Abdur Rahman's room in the student hostel. We both went and brought the books and started distributing the balls by calling the names of the students. Medicines are skin diseases i.e. eat and Dawood is very useful they brought medicines because I have them I am currently in a lot of trouble because I can't stop them with any medicine my hair is falling out slowly because there is a lot of itchiness inside the head too.

I have photographed beautiful beautiful flowers and made this short video because by giving the video you can experience about the flowers and these flowers are very fragrant and give a very beautiful look to the beautiful environment. I don't know all the flowers. But I know the names of some flowers. Friends this was today's text and some pictures give some idea about today's activities. Everyone stay healthy and beautiful. Especially since the new war has started between Palestine and Israel, everyone will pray that Palestine will win and the war will stop and bring peace.

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