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How to be a good parent.



In today's world society now dictates how we should live our lives and raise our children .In this era of social media were everything look we see look so real and perfect ,people are hypnotized to be like what we see on the social media , parents  now wants  their child to be that lawyer ,doctor and bank manager ,because there is prestige in those professions  ,in that they set expectations for their to fulfil. This leads to having conditional love for your children, in that you become happy with or more happy the children child that meets your expectations and show less love to those who couldn't meet your expectations,as they become the black sheep's in the family .when this happens the child becomes harmed emotionally and this can have negative impact on his or her social life.Because of this thinking my parents don't love me ,am a disappointment .

The child becomes needy of people's approval ,in order to earn their love or respect  ,for almost everything this would lead to the person not being happy because his happiness is dependent on people's approval and you become disappointed when you give control ,you Will be hurt.This all as a result of the conditional love that the child received from the parent ,which has transcended into adult life..

Children are born into this world with  special talents ,interest ,agendas and abilities which no one can tell until the later part of their life.parents should help their children to explore and find their purpose and also guide them to take parth that are good for them and not try to make fulfil their interest and expectations, which only lead to regret in the adult life of children as many adult today still live in bondages ,frustrations anger and sadness because they couldn't me their parents expectations and they branded as low achievers ,useless and they were shown less love.

Remember you have your life to live and they also have theirs ,you may try to be like them but not try to make them like you because life does not go backwards nor matches with yesterday.These are the words of @brian Tracy.

Are you a parent or would be parent what is your take on this ?

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