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Here are 5 important physical and mental benefits of exercise:



The topic of today's contest was a discussion on five important topics of physical exercise.

Physical exercise is very important, it is very important in our life for people of all ages from small to big middle-aged.

Physical exercise keeps people healthy, keeps the body healthy, keeps them free from disease, increases immunity, increases strength at work, and has many other benefits.


Topics No 1: Keeps the brain and memory power good:

Exercise improves brain function, keeps memory good, and improves thinking skills. It also increases the heart rate which speeds up the blood flow and the supply of oxygen to the brain. Exercise also boosts hormone production, which in turn stimulates the growth of brain cells. In addition to the chronic diseases that affect the brain, regular exercise can help prevent chronic diseases.

The risk of oxidative stress and pain, which causes a change in brain function with age, can be avoided with the help of regular exercise.
This is because exercise reduces the risk of internal brain changes that are responsible for these two diseases.


Topics No 2: Helps to bring peace and good sleep:

Regular exercise brings peace of mind and good sleep. And the energy that is expended during exercise acts as a stimulus to start the process of regaining sleep. In addition, the body temperature that increases during exercise decreases during sleep and as a result, the quality of sleep improves. Many studies have found that the effects of exercise on sleep. One study found that 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise per week could improve sleep by up to 75%.

Topics No 3: The mind stays good:

The biggest benefit of exercise is to have a good mind. It produces positive changes in the part of the brain that controls stress and anxiety.

In addition, exercise helps reduce the symptoms of anxiety in humans. It also helps people to be more aware of their emotional state and to overcome anxiety.

The funny thing is, it doesn't matter how much you exercise to keep your mood good. You can take advantage of any intensity exercise to improve your mood.


Topics No 4: Weight loss:

Physical inactivity is at the root of weight gain and obesity. This is proven in research. Understanding the relationship between exercise and energy expenditure is important for understanding the effects of exercise on weight loss. Your body expends energy in three ways: by digesting food, by exercising, and by managing body functions, such as heartbeat and breathing.

When you want to control your diet for weight loss, your diet by reducing calorie intake lowers your metabolic rate. Basically, it will further delay your weight loss. Rather, if you exercise regularly, it will increase your metabolic rate, which will burn you more calories and help you lose weight.


Topics No 5: Reduces the risk of chronic illness:

One of the primary causes of chronic illness is not exercising regularly. Regular exercise increases insulin sensitivity and cardiovascular fitness in the body and improves body composition. Regular exercise also lowers blood pressure and blood fat levels. It is also important to exercise regularly to reduce belly fat and reduce the risk of various diseases caused by excess body fat.




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