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A Beautiful History of Life



Life is a combination of small thoughts, small dreams, and small deeds. Every thought, every dream affects life. In the course of this life, people only dream. In fact, people cannot live without dreams. That being said, dreams are usually of two types. One of which is the normal dream, which we see in our sleep, this dream has no meaning.

There is another type of dream, which is a dream or a dream or we can say ‘living picture’. And this is the dream of growing up, the dream of doing something in life. This dream controls our lives. Such as: - The dream of becoming a doctor, writer, businessman, singer, hero, teacher, etc. On the other hand, many do not even remember the dream of sleeping.

Man can be as beautiful as his hope and as big as his faith. A man lives in everyone's heart. He speaks, his words can be heard when his ears are thin. You can only succeed in life if you do exactly what he says. Because there I or you are completely alone.

You or I have no parents, no siblings, no friends. Absolutely alone like a king. The king is lonely because two people cannot sit together on the same throne. The 2,000-mile Himalayas may be home to billions of people. But two people cannot climb the highest peak together. One has to get up first. That's why Tenzing and Hillary couldn't climb to the top together. Tenzing has risen to number one as the first climber to climb Everest.

The Bible says to go to the top of the hill alone. That's really it. The one who avoids adversity and starts walking alone is the one who finds the way, he is the one who moves forward. His words are written in history. Human life is a huge thing. Without any qualifications, without hardships, without trials, we got a life full of joy, full of beauty, and full of light. We think that wanting means being gross, we think of ourselves as sufferers but we don't think about how I will live if I don't get it, how I will give to the world, how I will enrich everything.

Can a beggar give something to another beggar? Whoever has can give. So the pursuit of existence should be the pursuit of man. You have to get through giving, you have to give through getting. Life is not complete without these two.

The Bible says that he who lives, he who believes, shall never die. He who believes survives. No sorrow, no filth can touch him who is drowning in this faith and work. Work has its own joy. If you want to drown in work, you need a dream.

Many of us think that dreams are just a figment of our imagination. No, dreams mean real, dreams mean destination. Where I want to go is the name of the dream. Man can be as big as his dream.

Real dreams and attempts never fail. If the dream can be transformed into faith, then it can also be achieved. Lightly falls from the stars of distant space on this huge earth. We are all taking part in this world exhibition for only a short time that is neither too much nor too short. It is a well-planned dream to arrange this time as you wish. Which will help Amna to succeed. We all want success. Everyone wants the best in life. No one wants a simple life, no one wants to crawl. No one wants to be a second-class person, he is not happy at all if he is forced to be sent to that class.

There are several practical aspects of success in the Bible's statement that faith can shake mountains. Faith is a strange, huge force, it is not a matter of magic or miracles. Faith works in such a way that "I am firmly convinced - I can do it". The next steps will come to mind.

Real dreams and attempts never fail. The Wright brothers dreamed of building a device that could fly in the sky. They built a plane. The appearance of civilization changed as a result of their discovery. Marconi dreamed of conquering the power of the Creator. The discovery of radio and television is proof that he did not have a wrong dream. Note that when Marconi claimed that he had discovered the method of sending news through the air without the help of wires, his friends took him to a psychiatric hospital. World-renowned scientist Thomas Alva Edison had the opportunity to go to school for only three months. Helen Keller lost her hearing, speech, and sight at the age of 19 months. Mahiyasi becomes a combination of faith and dream and his life is proof of a great truth - no one is defeated unless he accepts defeat in reality.

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