The way is made by walking... Reflection.

5 months ago

"Wanderer, there is no road, the way is made by walking", Says Antonio Machado in his famous poem. This author was a lover of nature, and of solitaries walks, and found in his walk at different times of the day, an analogy with life.

"Wanderer there is no road, the way is made by walking" is life itself. It represents the unpredictability of our future, the construction of every day, the incorrigibility of the past, life as a moment.

When we get into the road, at times it gets difficult, uphill, with many obstacles. At this moment we have to be respectful of our limits, of our time. Maybe there will be times when you have to stop to rest, reflect on what has been done and what has been said, deviate a little from the path we put into our heads, open ourselves to new landscapes and pleasures.

Sometimes, after going through the difficulty, we look back and see that we had indeed chosen the most difficult path. And the correct one becomes evident, and we wonder how we were not able to glimpse the shortcut that would have saved us so much effort. And we blame ourselves, and we suffer, but finally, we are proud to have achieved this great feat. That's when we learn.

No matter how long it takes, how many times we make mistakes, or stop to rest. What is really important is not giving up, learning from mistakes, and reaching the end of the road in the best possible way, because it's the only one that is really within reach.


Leya Argoz

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Photo taken with Nikon Coolpix L830
Bogotá, Colombia
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