420 dreams, episode #2: Meeting Maryjane

6 months ago


“I guess I’ve found a new buddy” his neighbor teased, “a new plug actually” Hendrix replied with a grin on his face. At the left side of the wall was a portrait of his neighbor wearing a military uniform, with a bold artistic writing which reads ‘Arnold Sanders’. His neighbor has served in the US marines for a year after which he left for the vacation he just returned from.

It’s a rare gift, the best neighbor any stoner would dream of, he acknowledged his neighbor’s bravery and also teased him about the military works and the perils of working underwater, Arnold was part of the team which sailed a submarine across the Russian waters, it was like a replica of the 2018 blockbuster movie Hunter killer. “It was terrific, and amazing ” Arnold explained, everyone would understand that, Hendrix wasn’t a weakling, but he understands how hard and dangerous such tasks are. “I would do anything for my country anyways, that’s for sure” he added.

It was a joint first, then he took a blunt, Hendrix was fond of interchanging the styles of rolling his cannabis simultaneously, so today wouldn’t be any different, Arnold was amazed by such gestures and he also followed suit, a blunt first, then a joint. Smoking alone always gets boring, especially when the strain makes you a talkative, it’s always important to have someone to talk to when the sativa hits you that high. It was the perfect day, Arnold switched on his sound system, it was a good collection of high quality speakers and an mp3 player, Hendrix could hear the buzz from the speakers, it was one of his favorite rapper Future Hendrix teaming up with luxurious American rapper Rick Ross on his 2018 hit track Green Gucci suit, Hendrix always loved to hear from Future, they had same surname, it was like his long lost brother.

Blowing cig’ smoke like its 4/20
Screaming “free Meek mill”, count more money
Candy on the Chevy, Gucci on the top
I don seen 20 million and it never stops.

That was Rick Ross on the verse, it was high spirit, a perfect combination of cannabis and music, what a day!, not only did he find a new neighbor, it was a perfect one for him and at least, he could smoke cannabis in his new crib, with a friend, that was like a crown on a King’s head, the music kept blasting high and the weather was perfect, the gorilla glue is a danky strain, Hendrix have heard much about it but never got to taste it, it’s his first time with the glues and he could feel the grip, they had some cold scotch to keep up with.

“what’s your work like?” Hendrix could barely hear Arnold asking from the far end,“A programmer…” He answered, “I just got a job with a new technology start up down town”, Arnold was impressed, he is always delighted to see hardworking Americans, he is dedicated to national service and humanitarian groups, he is a country lover.

Just then they heard a faint voice from the stairs, Arnold lowered the volume of the music while Hendrix went for the door, it was a cute young lady, she had some light luggage, she was a bit surprised to see Hendrix, but couldn’t reject when he opted to help her with her bags and get them across the stair. “I’m Hendrix”, he said “Maryjane” she replied happily…

To be continued…

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