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You never get tired of admiring the beautiful. Although sometimes you walk the same streets, you look at the same houses. Then the look gets used and ceases to notice something. But this can not be attributed to the Odessa Passage. Today we will take a little walk there

Square of Tiraspol and the Jewish center of creativity

Old houses on the square in Tiraspol.

And here we come to the Passage from the street Transfiguration. Immediately run into a beautiful sculptural group that so clearly us welcome! There are two entrances to the Passage. Another one from Deribasovskaya street

The beauty of the Passage is very exciting to the soul. The house at the corner of Deribasovskaya and Preobrazhenskaya should be called the house of sculptures. It's hard to count how many there are...

I once tried to imagine the Passage in another place of the city, failed. After all, it was originally wanted to build in the area of the New market. Now this quarter occupies the building of the Odessa circus

Sculptors even placed a train on the roof of the building. After all, in those years, mechanics was gaining momentum. Of course, the technique of sculpture and architecture also did not stand still. Interestingly, the Passage building was built at lightning speed - a little less than two years. The building was opened in 1900.

Ancient gods filled the decor of the building from all sides. Who's there! Fishel and Milman are undoubtedly respected sculptors who have tried to make magic with love. And they did it perfectly. The architecture of the building attracts the eye. Here you will see modernized eclecticism, subtle classics, late modern and Baroque combined with Renaissance. The arches are created in Moorish style. Architect L. L. Vlodek make a project with a great soul and love for Odessa.

The modern building includes, as in the past, a hotel, shopping pavilions and restaurants. In historical times, only the most famous brands could trade here.

Here you can find a lot of goddesses and gods, which are arranged in alternating order. A lot of fortune and Mercury, Apollo and Aphrodite, mascaron faces, niches with statues and medallions, half-columns of the Corinthian order, modeling of vegetation, lion mascarons and more...

The glass roof of the Passage makes it light and cozy. This is a kind of window into the sky.

I was very surprised when I saw a likeness of our Passage in Istanbul. A similar building is located on the famous Istiklal street. I could not find a photo in my archive, but who saw will understand. If you remove all the internal sculptures, then you get the Istanbul Passage. They used to have a flower market there. Now there are only restaurants. I walked for a long time and considered the Istanbul Passage, it was just interesting to compare...

Fortune and mercury

How many beautiful arches and columns are there! I do not understand how so quickly could build such a building and decorate it with numerous sculptures... The passage surpasses our Opera house in sculptural design. It was the Passage that was shown to Nicholas I as one of the most beautiful sights of Odessa. In addition, various exhibitions of our craftsmen were held here.

Thank you for attention!

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really son esculturas impresionantes para ver


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