[Odessa]: Fabulous meetings (continuation)

6 months ago
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New hotel building on the beach

Palmochki just a charming addition to your landscaping

The sea is very good to think and dream...

There were a lot of benches, which is important. Especially for people aged

On the beach made sculptures of snails, very original...

The abandoned building has been here for a long time...

Odessa yacht club. Beautiful design in the form of two ships

So looks the first street from the sea. Here, too, many interesting things...

It turns out that there was a building of the University of Humanities in the form of a castle, with ancient sculptures

Nearby is a sports complex. Very dynamic it was in - competition of children

This is the best holiday ever!

There are many rocky shores in Odessa. They are strengthened in many places to avoid landslides. But the window in the rock surprised me. I don't even know what's in there...

Our walk through The big Fountain has come to an end. Rest more often and be happy!

Thank you for attention!

Photos of the iPhone 6s+

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