[Odessa]: Fabulous meetings

6 months ago
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All good!

It's great to walk by the sea and breathe iodine! And even better, when you are waiting for different exciting meetings. Every time I am not in Odessa for a long time, there are many changes

Odessa man is always inherent fantasy. Beautifully arrange, for example, a garage in the form of a house with drawings. And firewood for the Russian bath? This is rarely seen in Odessa in sight

The fence is no less beautiful. Flowers, barrels, Bicycle... Even the window with the curtains!

The sea is always beautiful...

That was definitely a very unexpected meeting at the Fountain! In Odessa in other areas there are goats in economy, but here it was a big surprise to see them...

Crowd goats absolutely without the owner stamped on the side and plucked a beautiful weed

Fishermen, even if the wind blows, do not give up!

Here's the catch maturing...

From the embankment, even on a moped, you can climb the health track (the so-called track in Odessa from Langeron and deep into the Fountain), despite the fact that there is a huge new structure. It's great that all provided

No jokes in Odessa can not. The index tracks the health of the shows at sea, although this too has its own logic...

Sports, he's everywhere sports...

New building by the sea

Someone sunbathing and swimming, and who is engaged in Cycling

To be continued...

Thank you for attention!

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Wooww this is amazing place , and nothing on my country, cause we life in the village.
I wanna fishing in that sea. Nice !👍


The sea is amazing, it is fickle, fascinating and attracts... I like walking on the beach.

Nature is just too wonderful!

Looks like the species of goat there is a bit different from ours over here. Hahaha!

Kudos friend! I enjoy your writings!


Goats in Africa and they are goats )))
I'm glad you liked my paper, my friend.