Lights on the streets of Odessa

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All good!

Today I decided to collect in the phone all the street travelers of Odessa

Amazing lantern on the carriage of the old model! The carriage stands on the Polish street and adorns the entrance to the nightclub. The lantern is very well preserved

New lanterns appeared on the restored Odessa street near the old-Horse market. Interesting inscription over the door of the pharmacy...

Wooden lantern handmade Odessa masters

Here is an interesting piece of work. This is an old gas lantern of Odessa. There are very few of them left. One of them, or rather what is left of it is offered at a flea market in Odessa

In b / W even more attractive looks...

Samples of new lights that can be bought at the old-Horse market in Odessa

First street Marazlievskaya street from the restaurant are wonderful unusual lamps. In past post they I have already flashed

Polish street

Painting the walls of the cafe

Street lights Greek

Lights on the street Greek. Office entrance decoration

Pushkin Street. Attractive old doors

Office decoration on Deribasovskaya street

I always admire these lanterns

Lights at the Opera house

These are the orbital lanterns of musical Comedy.

The lights of the Odessa film Studio

Standard old Odessa lights at street intersections, I have repeatedly written about it...

Duma with access to the Opera house

The lights on the street Lanzheronovskaya

Green street travelers-decoration of the restaurant on the street swallow (Lanzheronovskaya)

Cafe down the street Lanzheronovskaya. Frying pan lights, I call them:)

Lanterns at the restaurant In the city garden

Creative gazebo In the city garden with its design lanterns

Thank you for attention!

More photos of the iPhone 6s+

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