Lermontov clinical sanatorium (Odessa) continuation

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The alleys of the resort breathe wild nature and beauty of autumn. Some very old trees were cut down after the hurricane of previous years

Another medical building Lermontov sanatorium, which includes Fotolaboratorija

This wooden house I was delighted! It is treated with alternative medicine. You can sleep on the coals, be bitten by bees for treatment and much more. The impression of treatment in the forest...

On the territory there were blocks of old buildings. Many times the sanatorium suffered during the wars

Housing for living of people who come for treatment. The buildings are running, as is the territory...

Another building for accommodation of holiday-makers

Case view from the other side

I want to note that Lermontov sanatorium is chosen by Odessa residents for treatment and prevention. The scientific base is very rich since ancient times. There was organized research Institute for the study and improvement of the quality of Spa treatment. Famous professors put their heart into the development of resort medicine

A small abandoned old building in the resort

Beautiful arch of trees. In General, the air here is gorgeous. We walked for about an hour and just didn't want to leave

The saddest thing is that the territory of the Lermontov sanatorium constantly want to take under the construction of new houses. I'm not good at politics, but I know a lot of attacks have been repulsed.

But at the beginning of October this year, after all, the sanatorium Lermontovsky was at the disposal of the military. What will happen next, no one knows. Promise to keep the medical staff, but the treatment is an ordinary person will not be able to pass... Only the military. This is weird...

Will live our one of the best resorts in Odessa? Hard to say. Too many people here see high-rise buildings overlooking the sea and a huge income from the sale. Odessans wholeheartedly for the preservation and development of Spa treatment, but...

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