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All good!

Today returned from Constantinople and decided to write a quick post so you didn't think I disappeared;)

The first of December in Odessa was still snow, but the planes were flying. The day before, all flights were canceled. Early winter we have in Odessa this year. It's good to fly to Istanbul only for an hour. I did not have time to get on the plane, and you can already see from the height of the Bosphorus and many ships of Istanbul.

Constantinople met with warm but cloudy weather. The new Istanbul airport has already been opened, but the full transfer from Ataturk will be only from January 1.

But already noticeable decline of the old airport and a light mess. So I managed to say goodbye to the first and the oldest airport in Istanbul.

We fly and the sea of Marmara, where you can see the ships that are waiting for their turn to cross the Bosphorus.

The naked eye can see that the aircraft in Ataturk is much smaller. Many flights have already been moved to the new airport.

We are going on a new tunnel, which recently opened. It connects the Asian and European parts. Previously, by car from the airport we were driving in traffic jams in the center of Istanbul in the Asian part about 3-3.5 hours. With the advent of the tunnel - it's 25-30 minutes. The fare for a car 4 or 5 dollars, I do not remember exactly. When we pass under the waters of the Bosphorus, the blue lights are on

I really missed the Bosphorus. Therefore, immediately from the airport we went to Uskudar. In the photo in the distance you can see Hagia Sophia, Blue mosque and Topkapi.

The quay in Üsküdar Salacak has already expanded and that's fine. Previously, it was impossible to walk here. Did the bike path and Shine a whole new light. I thought they'd be old-fashioned, but no...

This is one of the oldest cafes near the Maiden tower. Small house, but with a very cozy atmosphere. We usually sit outside and look at the beauty of the Bosphorus.

And here are the main inhabitants of Istanbul on the background of the Maiden tower

Evening on the Bosphorus gives its beautiful colors

In the part of the Bosphorus, where the Maiden tower, a lot of cafes. All of them will be surrounded by a fence like this, while it's all in the process.

So the seats you can relax near the Maiden tower

Photographers this evening near the tower of love counted about 20 people;)

It is here that one of my favorite places in Constantinople

Evening lighting of restaurants located in front of the Bosphorus in Uskudar

New embankment near the sea port of Uskudar and a view of the mosque of Mihrimah Sultan. I see a lot of changes for the better in this area, which is very pleasing.

So was my day of arrival in Istanbul.

Thank you for attention!

More photos of the iPhone 6s+

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A nice trip friend..
Thank you for sharing the story of your trip.


And thank you for stopping by.


You are welcome sisterly !☺️