A romantic and inspiring walk through the historic Bosphorus

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Today will be the most romantic trip to the Bosphorus. We often walk on the sea bus and breathe the historical trends of the famous Strait. Romantic nature of Istanbul just live here in their spare time. Many photographers specially come to the shore of the Bosphorus to work and make great pictures. Such a gathering of photographers I have ever seen. You can already make a report about the photographers who spend hours watching the changing Bosphorus and its aura. Bosphorus is a place for inspiration! Artists dissolve in the beauty of nature, and out of the brush are masterpieces. And how many writers were in love with the Bosphorus!

Sea bus to Istanbul

Sea bus is in great demand in Istanbul. Some residents use this mode of transport twice a day. And as they say that in the morning and after work are inspired relax, having passed on Strait. On weekends, Istanbul families necessarily go for a walk along the Bosphorus. Children have fun and watch fatty gulls, with pleasure feed them. The children were happy and grateful to the gulls!

Noisy and hungry gulls of the Bosphorus

Bosphorus surprised by the amount of water transport. From small fishing boats to large tankers, all work together in the water. Drivers on the sea buses famously doing maneuvers. So to speak, "cut" tankers. The first time was very frightening, but then you get used to it. Not to mention the fact that the buses do together. I thought it only happened on land.
Virtual tour of the Bosphorus. Pleasant viewing!

Maiden tower/Kız Kulesi

Maiden tower or Kizkulesi is one of the buildings on the Bosphorus. A small tower with a huge history. It reminds me of a married couple. The Bosphorus husband, and the Maiden fortress - wife. The Bosphorus, as man, on all sides protects your favorite. The second small island is the best beach Club in Istanbul with swimming pool. There's a nightclub Suada.

The quay in Üsküdar

Here are bright balls dangle in the waters of the Bosphorus. Everyone knows that Turks like to shoot. Wanting quite a lot. It is interesting to observe how the person tries to quickly inflate balls again. Even waiting customers help him with this.

The library in the courtyard of the mosque of Ahmet Pasha Shamsi/Şemsi Ahmet Paşa

On the banks of the Bosphorus in Uskudar there is always something to do. Some just walk. Others visit restaurants or cafes right by the water. All together drinking tea, chatting and playing backgammon. Many people come here to one of the old libraries of Istanbul. Very cozy place with a huge stock of books. Take pictures indoors is impossible, but anyone can visit. Books are placed on shelves. You come in and just take it. No subscription and no record. Very much in demand room in the library, the Windows of which overlook the Bosphorus. How many there happen, to sit with the book it wasn't possible with a view of a water surface.

Fishermen on the shore of the Bosphorus, Uskudar district/Üsküdar

Bosphorus is a Paradise for fishermen. How they manage to maneuver with a huge number of people is a mystery. But they are masterfully controlled with rods! This is another kind of relaxation on the banks of the beautiful Bosphorus. Glorious Istanbul cats love fishermen! Loyal eyes peek into the bucket with the catch. And be sure to get your fish a bonus.

Uskudar/Üsküdar with a view of the Kiz Kulesi tower/Kız Kulesi

A long Bosphorus tour will take you an average of an hour and a half. The length of the Strait is small, only about 30 km. the widest part-3.5 km, narrow-only 0.7 km.
The Turks call the Strait of Istanbul Boğazı. The literal translation of the expression is Istanbul's throat. The very name Bosporus originates from the Greek legend. According to her, the Bosphorus is called "cow Ford". One of his favorite women, according to legend, Zeus turned into a white cow to save from an angry legal spouse. But the "white cow" escaped along the Strait, which is now called the Bosphorus.

Ciragan-Palace/Çırağan Sarayı. 1876 year. The Architect Nigoğos Balyan. Nowadays there is a 5-star hotel Kempinski.
When you come to Istanbul, be sure to take a tour of the Bosphorus! That you will remember for a long time. A ride on the edge between Europe and Asia is a wonderful opportunity. It takes an hour and a half, and pleasures for 100 years. Try to take less photos, and more to enjoy the beauty of the walk. On the second stroll already you can get its photo camera. Especially will know in detail what to photograph.

Ortakoy Mosque / Ortaköy Camisi. 1853. Architects Nigoğos Balyan and Garabet Balyan

Taking a long walk along the Bosphorus (Bosphorus tour), you will see more than 16 sights of Istanbul, two or three bridges (depending on which port you will go), will feel the pleasure of sea transport and enjoy the air at the junction of Europe and Asia.

The scheme of the tour along the Bosphorus

Each ship in Istanbul has a magnificent trail, like the bride. As soon as the ship sails, the train in the form of gulls stretches at the back. From the shore be sure to watch, very interesting picture.

First bridge across the Bosphorus. 1973. Now bears the name of Sehitler

Bosphorus is a wonderful place on the planet, everyone wants to live here, but not everyone can. Land and houses in this area are the most expensive in Istanbul. Tourists who can afford to rent a Villa overlooking the Bosphorus. Sunsets and sunrises on the Strait resemble a fabulous and magical world.

The modern Bosphorus is an international waterway. The Strait connects the Marmara and Black seas, Asia and the wonderful Europe. Bosphorus divides the glorious Istanbul into two parts. The two continents of the city are United by beautiful bridges, with two of which you will get acquainted walking through the open spaces of the Bosphorus.

Rumeli Fortress / Rumeli Hisarı. 1452 year. Architect Muslihiddin/Müslihiddin.
Now the Museum

The most beautiful Bosphorus is occupied by people from all sides. Marmaray metro runs under the Bosphorus. It was built 9 years on modern technology, the Japanese and the Turks. Could and before finish building, but found under drilling very important artifacts from 37 the wreckage ships 5.7, 9 and 11 centuries. Archaeologists are happy, now they will be able to restore the facts of Byzantine shipbuilding. Metro Marmaray simplified the movement, and reduced the travel time from the European part to the Asian. Only Japanese tunnel Seikan (240 m) ahead of Turkish (60 m). Total, Marmara metro tunnel under the Bosphorus ranks second in the world in depth.

Due to the rapid movement on the Bosphorus it is often called "the devil". This is due to the fact that there are two currents in the opposite direction. The upper layer of the water flow is directed from the Black sea, but the lower deep layers - from the Marmara sea. There is an interesting turbulence, especially in the spring. And what is the color of the water of the Bosphorus! Shimmer in shades of turquoise, greens, blue, and malachite. The glare of the sun playing on the traveling waves. Take a close look at the shades of water and waves in the photos.

Sultan Fatih Mehmet Bridge/ Fatih Sultan Mehmet Köprüsü. 1988 year. Right house Zeki Pasha / Zeki Paşa. Built in the middle of the 19th century. Architect Alexander Vallaury

When the waters of the Bosphorus swim with dolphins - it's just a holiday for everyone. So, look around, maybe you'll get lucky. For a long time mammals did not swim into the waters of the Bosphorus because of the rapid movement of ships. I think I adapted already, they are now quite frequent visitors to the delight of all.

Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. 1988 год

Bosporus every year a direct participant in international sports competitions in swimming. Swimmers from more than forty countries come to conquer the expanse of the Strait with their physical data. In June 2018, the jubilee 30 swim will take place. Anyone over the age of 14 can participate. This competition should be perceived as a cultural holiday, but with real prizes and medals.

Evening and night Bosphorus shines with the beauty of bright colors. Lights of Istanbul are lit, which are reflected in the water. A special highlight is given to the bridges over the Bosphorus, which burn and sparkle with colorful lights. That's romantic! During the holidays you can see the global fireworks on the oldest and the first bridge of Istanbul. The spectacle is simply amazing!

Modern villas on the Bosphorus

Bosporus unites not only continents, but also people who come from all over the world to see its natural beauty. The Bosphorus for Istanbul is a soul, a generator of energy and inspiration. How can you imagine this old town without the Bosphorus? I can't...

On the banks of the Bosphorus are picturesque areas of Istanbul. Uskudar / Üsküdar, Besiktas / Beşiktaş, Saryer/Sarıyer, Beyoglu/Beyoğlu, Beykoz/Beykoz, Fatih/Fatih complement the beauty of the Strait. The banks are so mixed all the styles of architecture homes, like someone did it on purpose. There are simple wooden structures and very solemn palaces. Here it is the contrast of the great Istanbul!

Who loves discos, in the evening can go to one of the Nightclubs in Istanbul. For example, Sortie, Reina or Anjelique. Open-air dances with a view of the Bosphorus are held with a special flavor. Near the shining first bridge of Istanbul, in General, romance!!!

Scientists say that the Bosphorus was formed more than 7500 years ago. Recent excavations on the underwater slopes of the Black sea of Turkey led to the discovery of flooded cities. The emergence of the Strait was the reason for the legends of the deluge and Noah's Ark.

Military high school Kuleli/Kuleli Askerî Lisesi. 1843. Architect - Karapet Balyan

The Palace Provides A Fitness Room And Kasri/Küçüksu Kasrı. 1856 year. The Architect Nigoğos Balyan

In the distance, Beylerbeyi mosque/Beylerbeyi with functioning Turkish baths. 1774-1789 years. The Architect Tahir Aga/Tahir Ağa

Thank you for your attention! I hope you enjoyed our walk! Amazing Bosphorus is waiting for you!

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