A hundred shades of holiday or acquaintance with Istanbul

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Sunny and contrasting Istanbul! The city is in the sun for an average of 2000 hours a year. Istanbul romantic, apparently still and so he so densely populated. Unique for its sunsets and sunrises Bosphorus. Tower Kız Kulesi, which translated Maiden Tower-the center of attraction of all couples in love. After all, Istanbul, after Las Vegas, is considered the second city in the world where lovers want each other to wear wedding rings. Every Turk wants to get married in the Maiden Tower. It's just a storehouse of love stories.

Photo. Maiden's Tower on the Bosphorus
The Bosphorus combined with the Maiden Tower is a Union of eternal love. If a couple of lovers gets into the atmosphere, they forever touch the invisible force of a happy life. Here is a place that forever unites Europe and Asia. How many surprises and surprises Istanbul presents. It is safe to say that for tourists it's a Paradise. All the best conditions are created. Probably because since ancient times for Turks the guest is a king. And they receive him with all honour.

Photo. Smith and Turkish tea
Istanbul fascinates not only with its restaurant culture, but also with the tradition of Breakfast. They're awesome! Breakfast on the Bosphorus, what could be better? When I get tired of the dynamics of Istanbul, I go to my favorite Odessa. In Odessa sometimes it seemed to me that in the morning I would have given my Kingdom for the Semitic and Turkish tea. Who knows, he will understand...

Photo. Turkish breakfast
On the Bosphorus there is a wonderful restaurant "Filizler Cafe". It is located almost opposite the Maiden Tower. On weekends and holidays without reservation not to get here. Great service and delicious food. My first visit to Istanbul was full of discoveries and surprises. At 9 am I was invited to the restaurant" Filizler Cafe " for Breakfast. It was very unusual. We usually gather in the evenings, and the Turks are the opposite. My first acquaintance with the majestic Bosphorus, Maiden Tower – it was amazing!

Photo. The Restaurant "Filizler Cafe»
In the restaurant we had an international company. What was our surprise when the waiter brought to our table 5 flags: Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish, German and American. It was very nice and pleasant. The Turks are able to show their practicality. Breakfast on the shore of the Bosphorus – this is an indescribable pleasure was for me!

Photo. Bosphorus tour
Further acquaintance with the city of the Sun continued with a boat trip along the Bosphorus. It was a very fascinating feeling. Castles and mosques with their magnificent architecture. Everything is shrouded in ancient history and legends. Beautiful turquoise Bosphorus, boat and seagulls.

Photo. The first bridge of Istanbul
I was waiting for the next surprise. There is one magnificent and romantic tradition in Istanbul. Men propose a hand and a heart under the oldest bridge across the Bosphorus. When you do this, put the ring to my future wife, if she agrees. Sensations few become magic! Men, make romantic gestures, and your women will be very generous in their gratitude. That's thus offered his hand and heart...

Photo. Istanbul fish
After an unforgettable walk along the Bosphorus, we went for a walk along the waterfront in Eminonu. Tasted Turkish fried fish on the pier. The very cafe in the form of a boat hanging in the water on the pier. People all sit on the beach at small tables in the Turkish style and eat fish in a bun. I'm absolutely not a fan of fried fish, but we had to try. There's something about that.

Photo. Feeding pigeons
In every city there are many birds and in every city they have their own character. Another popular tradition in Istanbul is feeding pigeons and seagulls. And indeed the Turks all want to feed. This is a cult they have. Pigeons in the Sun city remind me of the audience in the ancient theater. Istanbul in General theatrical city, so ordered history. People skillfully play their roles. Very often overplay...Pigeons have a role to play. Sometimes I think they come here for work. They do not even own a bird turn, on to the stage, where they are fed. Nature has given mutually beneficial pleasure to all. And the pigeons are fed and people are happy with the process.

Thank you for your attention!

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