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Dear serey all

Being a happy partner is not a grandiose thing to achieve. In fact, every couple can be happy by applying simple things in their lives every day.
Although it sounds cliche or trivial, it is possible that not all couples realize the form of 'good communication as the key' correctly. I myself have seen how couples who succeed and not (including my own parents) communicate in their lives.
As far as I observe, happy couples are those who are able to solve problems by communicating and being open to each other. They do not harbor feelings or emotions and make a time bomb for their relationship. As a couple, they work together to think about the problem together and find a solution.
From answers that are diverse, extraordinary, there is one similarity that these couples do: they communicate and talk to each other.
Simple but important, to maintain a healthy and happy relationship, here are three steps that must be taken to form a good communication:

1. Show what you feel and need in a way that is understandable

Good communication can only be realized when the recipient of the message understands what is conveyed by the donor. When you want to express your opinion or comments, it is recommended that you convey it calmly.
By discussing clearly your problem with your partner, your partner can more easily understand the points you want to convey. You and your partner can also learn new things about each other.

2. Honest and open

Lying is 'deadly disease' in a relationship, as well as an open attitude.
"Be open about everything, not just about your relationship. Tell me about the bad days you faced in the office or about friends who hurt your feelings.

"The more experience you tell, the closer you will be to your partner,"

Your partner is more than a mother / father of your child or your wife / husband. He is also a life partner who will accompany you to go through the ups and downs in it. You need to be open and honest about everything to be able to realize happiness and build trust in a relationship.

3. Don't forget to be a listener

A couple consists of two people and ideally not only one becomes a 'speaker'. Couples must also be able to communicate with you.

"Be a good listener and make sure you can also listen as you want to be heard. None of us are perfect, if you want to make changes and improvements in relationships, open your mind".

When a partner talks, whatever mood you feel at that time, try to hear and understand it. Show him that you appreciate his openness and what he says.

Thanks @zur

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