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Many of the men must have a dream woman but not all women are easy to conquer their hearts.
Many men look for words or romantic sentences to convey to their ideal women.
But not all women like the sweet words given by the man, sometimes even this becomes a mistake.
Although words or sentences and romantic expressions can prove to melt a woman's heart, but not all women like this, your ideal woman may feel illiterate because you continue to love romantic words and feel uncomfortable with them.
In addition to the words Romantic, There are many ways you can do to attract the attention of your dream woman. So that it will make your ideal woman melt his heart.

  1. Being Yourself
  1. Attention
  2. Create security
  3. Kaprikornus Pleasant Man
  4. Become Confident
  5. Don't Overtake Him
  6. Express Your Feelings

With the following description
Being yourself will make your ideal woman more respect and respect you. When you are near him, try not to be someone else so that he will appreciate your feelings more.
Give him a little attention, if you really like him give attention to him.
and trying to show protection when he needed it. But don't overdo it because it will make him feel uncomfortable. pay attention as needed.
Make him feel safe and comfortable when you are friends or your environment.
Creating a safe and comfortable atmosphere for yourself by always thinking positively is a way to conquer a woman's heart which is rarely realized by men.
When a woman feels safe and comfortable near you, she will always want to be with you.
Try to always take care of your actions from everything that makes him feel uncomfortable with you.
A woman prefers a man who can always make her smile and entertain when there is a problem.
When you are with a woman you like, try to be a pleasant and humorous man for your atmosphere with him is not boring.
The key is you have to be confident.
Women will be more interested in men who are confident compared to men who are inferior and shy.
Self-confident men will look more attractive to women. Because women will see men who have confidence who have big responsibilities.
Even though you really like her, try not to overdo it so that you don't seem too chasing it, men are considered less challenging for most women.
For that, Be a man who can hold back and talk when - just perfect.
The point is women will prefer mysterious men because it is more challenging.
Express your feelings to the woman you like, give her good, romantic words accompanied by factual, mental preparedness and attractive personality.

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