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Hi, @herman2141. We would love to expand into Aceh and spread Serey together with you. At this moment, we are fully occupied and therefore can only share the witness instructions online. Nonetheless, hopefully we can meet in the future so that we can promote and arrange a community meetup together in Aceh. :)

This is very good, and I hope that in every country there is at least one witness who represents ... I hope the serey platform can grow faster and have more users.


That would be very cool indeed



Serey witness workshop
The amazing information

Only forward! Good luck!

not too much people in serey are using lenux, including me. So m so sad to here that. any other way for whom best to get witness...


You can learn Linux and follow our guide/instructions that we’ll release soon


Linux is most used for running nodes - not just for Serey, but also for other blockchain projects. I would recommend you to follow our guide once available, learn along, and ask questions when you don't understand things. :)

wooww,..Amazing Information

I am very hopeful from Indonesia, that Witness will make it easier for every user, thanks for sharing @teamlocker

Nice post @timelocker

Dear friend. I am new user from Indonesia. Pls support my article. Thank you so much.

I wish to be there.

Hi, I am @amriadits of Serey users in Aceh (Indonesia). I have chosen all the witnesses at Serey. Hopefully we can build a solid community, hopefully, we can get support from the witness for the Aceh (Indonesian) community.