Women will have to come forward to empower women

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Advocate Sultana Kamal, former caretaker government adviser and chairman of Transparency International Bangladesh, said that women are now being highly educated, getting a degree holder. But women's participation in the workplace is not expected. If you can not contribute to the society even after taking higher education, it is a social crime. She also said that there is no equality in women's participation in development activities. Enhance the inclusion of women in the development of technology. Technology is now connected to women's routine tasks. So to ensure the advancement of women in technology and progress, equality of opportunity should be ensured. Although women are educated, they will be lagging behind. Because women's labor is of value in formal work, but women's contribution in informal field is worthless. It is therefore necessary to increase the involvement of women in economic activities.


In the speech of the discussion on 'Women in the Technology and Progress' organized by the Complain Committee constituted to curb the sexual repression of Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology (CUET) on the occasion of Women's Day on March 12 (Tuesday), he said this as the chief guest. The convener of the committee formed to prevent sexual harassment in the council room of the university and the chief of the Department of Water Resources Department Professor Dr. In the chairmanship of Ayesha Akhter, Honorable Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr. Mohammad Rafiqul Alam As a guest, the head of the sexual harassment committee and principal of the Department of Chemistry Professor Dr. Razia Sultana and students spoke on behalf of Farzin Hasan Moumitah, Preeti Roy and Tabasam bint Reza. Professor said in the special guest. Mohammad Rafiqul Alam said, women have many contributions in the advancement of civilization. Women's rights are not just slogans, but also real reflections. Bangladesh is now in the mission of becoming a developed country. In order to continue that journey, women will also have the glorious contribution to men as well.


In the event of the procession of the CUET Debating Society unveiled a book titled 'Women in Technology and Progress' with the help of publisher, Sultana Kamal, daughter of the poet Sufia Kamal unveiled the book. Earlier, a joy rally was held in front of civil engineering department on the occasion of Women's Day-019. Advocate Sultana Kamal, women's rights and human rights activist and Vice-Chancellor of CUET Professor Dr. Mohammad Rafiqul Alam led the leadership. Female teachers, students and employees of all departments of the university participate in the rally. After that, special day of the special day of the day was presented with the participation of the rally on the campus of the campus.


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