Seasonal salad of iftar

2 months ago

The holy month of Ramadan is going on. Seeing 7 fasting is going on. I want nutritious food to keep the body healthy after the fasting day. Now the season is full of seasonal fruits.
Seasonal salads made from various fruits can be one of the main ingredients of iftar. Below are ways to prepare seasonal fruit salad:

Materials :
Talk yogurt / sweet curd 2 cups, fruit 500 grams (banana, apple, grapes, malta without peas, guava, papaya mango, bunghi, papaya, pomegranate, kimism etc.), two table spoons of honey, round chilli powder (quantity) Like salt amount, nut, mint leaves and quantity of fruit acnes.

Cut all the fruit and cut it into cubes.
Then add one curry, round peppercorn, honey, fruit acnes and salt to one by one with the fruit. You have to taste well. It's okay.

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