UPDATE: Removing self-upvote feature for comments

6 months ago

Dear all,

Today I would like to write a brief update regarding self-upvotes.

Self-upvoting comments

This morning, we have released a new update that removed the self-upvote feature for comments. As you can see - I'm using a screenshot from @demo-account, the upvote button for your own comments is removed:

Self-upvoting posts (articles)

You can still upvote your own posts. However, the only way to do so is by checking Upvote post down-right your post creation:

Once the article is posted, you cannot upvote it anymore in case you haven't upvoted via the above way already.

Why did we do so?

We found out that some users have abused self-upvoting their own comments. The most striking example is @senghuy who had posted many comments on old articles, only to upvote himself:

As you can see, his comment consisted only of one icon or one word. We believe that this abuse should not be tolerated. It's a shame that he is using his voting power to enrich himself, instead of helping the community and new writers by upvoting good content as well.

What can you do to help the Serey community?

The answer is CURATION. We need to downvote/flag bad posts and comments anytime we see them. If we believe that someone's post or comment is not deserving of owning much Serey, it's fine to downvote it - especially if you leave a comment with a reason of the downvote.

I wish you all a nice evening!


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People find it frustrating when they see self-voting comments like that.

That's a good decision. It will prevent those abusers from doing that in the comment section. Keep up the great work!

is great!! :)

Did you just take away from some users the opportunity to press the "Vote" button for your own comment? But they did not change anything in the blockchain and the reward parameters for comments?

Dear @timelocker, it's a great and good decision for serey community in future.

I like this update!

This is good. However, a better way is you sign in to the setting system, and reduce the power of upvote people who often play cheat.


We will improve the algorithm in the future where self upvotes have no to very limited impact on rewards. Our focus will be that post should earn reward according to real quality and popularity


Oke. Good luck and succes

wonderful update.

What about self-upvoting via Serey API?


Всё осталось по-прежнему, для выпиливания этого на уровне блокчейна нужен хардфорк. Просто вырезали кнопочку из конденсера - официальной веб-морды.
В стороннем конденсере (если кому-то захочется с этим заморочиться) это вполне можно вернуть.

Вот какими надо быть обижулями, чтобы вместо улучшения морды тратить силы на урезание стандартного функционала? Централизация во всей красе.
Надо будет пост нарисовать.


Ну значит "самоапство" продолжится. Только не каждому оно будет доступно.


Nice question!

I like this
Let help to grow serey

I think the update is necessary, because every update will get something new.

Continuously self and friend upvoting and receiving reward for it is part of the reason why we think the Steemit's algorithm is not viable. In a sound economic model, everything that brings value to the platform and the users experience should earn reward. Continuous self upvoting doesn't bring value, and so should not earn reward.

In our update in the future, we will choose a radically different path than Steemit and have the algorithm differ quite signicantly.

Good decision, really happy with this. Keep up the good work