[Ukraine]: New life and new breath

2 months ago

 Hi friends! 

In Ukraine, March 31 will be a very important event-the presidential election. Our country has fallen into a terrible decline over the past 28 years. But the worst thing is that there is a war on our territory. Die young guys, whose life is just beginning. I also live in fear of being taken into the army. But I would not like to take part in the fighting, in which their kill their. All this is done only for our political authorities to launder a lot of money. Modern and advanced people understand all this very well. Recently, there have been many terrible facts that many Ukrainians have opened their eyes to what is happening in the country. Many of my comrades were in the war, some did not return. A huge number of people died! But now it's time for a change. It was just funny when I saw that there were 92 candidates for the presidency of Ukraine!!! Approved a little more than 30 people... But this is also a large number!

There is a wish for changes, there is a wish that young and talented people didn't leave Ukraine. This will be possible if a person who really wants our country to rise from a deep pit comes to power. There is such a person! And the younger generation will certainly vote only for him. I will not name the name, so it does not look propaganda. But I believe for the first time that our Ukraine will be able to blossom and reach a new level of life.

I wrote a short poem about the new presidential candidate...


Volodya is a very smart guy,

 He loves life and us with you!

 In Ukraine Who will throw a stone,

  I will answer immediately!

 Eyes, smile and aspiration  -

 We are told to follow him!

 Volodya power of intention

 It looks just like an extreme! 

Responsibility for the life of the country ,

 In the period of the full fall,

 Motives strong need,

 In the name of common salvation!

 Love, honesty and goodness,

 We do all sanctify,

 And its qualities under the flag,

 All Ukraine will charge!!!

 Volodya, let the ideological light,

 Always in your soul on fire! 

After all, life has any answer,

 There are no answers in our country...

 You spark of the flame ignited

 Almost killed our souls!

 For us a new you as if Zeus...

 You'll be gone, we'll be strangled...

 Володя очень умный парень,

 Он любит жизнь и нас с тобой!

 Кто в Украину бросит камень,

  Ответит сразу головой!

 Глаза, улыбка и стремление -

 Нам говорят: иди за ним!

 Володи сила намерения

 Похожа просто на экстрим! 

Ответственность за жизнь страны,

 В период полного падения,

 Мотивы сильные нужны,

 Во имя общего спасения!

 Любовью, честностью и благом,

 Мы все Володю освятим,

 И его качества под флагом,

 Всей Украиной зарядим!!!

 Володя, пусть идейный свет,

 Всегда в душе твоей горит! 

Ведь в жизни есть любой ответ,

 В нашей стране ответов нет...

 Ты искру пламени зажёг

 В почти погибших наших душах!

 Для нас ты словно новый Зевс...

 Тебя не будет - нас задушат... 


 Until next time, @r3benok

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Thoughts and Prayers are with you and everyone in Ukraine - Great post really enjoyed your writing, poetry and beautiful photography.


Thank you for your attention friend!


Your most welcome mate, I try to keep up with what is happening in Ukraine mate so thoughts are well beyond your borders mate far and wide.

Fantastic one dear friend! Kudos


Thank you for your attention friend!

today how are you?


Hello dear friend! The working week will start in 17 minutes:))) How are you?

Flag because we have limit the rewards.


Thanks for the flag!:)))


brother this is really lol