Uber It's launch in Dhaka

5 months ago


In Bangladesh, the general elections held in December were not free and fair. Various irregularities have been found in these elections, including voting ballots, anti-polling agents and general voters.

This comment was made by the US State Department's Human Rights Report in 2018.

According to the US State Department's Human Rights Report, according to the constitution the government system of parliamentary system is established in Bangladesh. But virtually all the powers are concentrated in the Prime Minister's Office. Awami League, led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, won the third straight victory in the general election in December last year. But this election is not considered free and fair. Various irregularities have been found in these elections, including voting ballots, anti-polling agents and general voters.


This report says that during the election campaign many reliable candidates have found credible information about harassment, threats, controversial arrests and violence against them. As a result, it was not possible for many opposition candidates and their supporters to run election campaign independently. International observers were not allowed to participate in this election and observers' visas were not given within the stipulated time period. For the election monitoring, a total of 22 NGOs have been approved for 7 percent.

The US State Department says in December elections civil authorities imposed effective control over law enforcement agencies. It has been said in the report that the prosecutions of law enforcement agencies are not prosecuted throughout the country. The government has taken very few steps to prosecute the torture and murder of law enforcers.

The US State Department says there have been cases of human rights violations in some other cases in Bangladesh. These include the disappearance, murder, torture, unnecessary censorship, blocking the site, violation of peaceful assembly rights, etc.


International Ride Sharing Company Uber's Food Delivery Service Uber It's going to be launched in Bangladesh. The delivery of food delivery service in Dhaka will start in April.

Today, in a news release, Uber said that Uber It's a food delivery app that will deliver food to the nearby restaurants according to customers' needs, just like the Uber Raid app.

Bhabhi Rathore, chief of Uber It's India and South Asia, said, "We are very happy to introduce Uber It's service in Dhaka. After the successful success of Uber Ride, we are hopeful of receiving a significant response from the restaurant owner, delivery partner community and customers for Uber It's. Our goal is to establish ourselves as a part of the city's diet.

Uber Itts started its journey in Los Angeles in 2014. Later on in December 2015, Toronto started its activities as a separate app. Currently Uber Ites is used in more than 350 cities in 36 countries.

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