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Walk by the sea

Hi friends!    I offer you a wonderful walk through the great Fountain of South Palmyra. In one post fail to…
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The Port Of Karakoy. Istanbul
Hi friends! In Istanbul there is a very cozy port, which is called Karakoy. It is located opposite eminen. Who looks…
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រថយន្តលោត check គួរប្រញាប់រកជាង
រថយន្តសេរីទំនើប គឺគេគិតចាប់ពីឆ្នាំ ២០០០ ឡើង ព្រោះថារាល់សកម្មភាពណាមួយដែលរថយន្តលោកអ្នកដំណើរការមិនប្រក្រតី…
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Mysteries of Medieval Cambodia
Hi friends! In the middle ages and in ancient times in different parts of the Earth suddenly appear separate…
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Gold: mining and consumption
Hi, Serey! This is my first post on the new site. It is unique like all my lyrics. I am an writer, not a copy-paste.…
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I love you, Odessa!
Hi friends! How difficult it is to be silent about Odessa. This is the city I love with all my heart! 1000 times you…
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Kuende – социальная сеть с механизмами геймификации
Что такое Kuende? Kuende – гибридная онлайн-оффлайн социальная сеть «все-в-одном», основанная на технологии блокчейн.…
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