Pierre Loti or café-Museum in Istanbul

Hi friends! Today the ship of Istanbul takes us from the Harem to Eminonu. The European part of the city is…
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Hi friends!  I continue to publish old articles about Cambodia, which were written in the Soviet magazine "Around the…
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Stonehenge - mysterious stones. England
Hi friends! "The giant's dance" is a fantastically mysterious place in Europe (Wiltshire County), which is 130 km…
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Самый большой круизный лайнер в мире 2018-2019г. - Symphony Of The Seas
🚢 Его название - "Симфония морей". Его длина 362 метра, ширина 48 метров. У "Симфонии морей" два брата-близнеца…
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Time travel in Istanbul
Hi friends!    There are so many fabulous and interesting places in Istanbul that my head is spinning. I don't even…
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[Cambodia]: Color of hope
Hi friends! Every time I with grief and joy read old articles of the Russian correspondents about Cambodia. It is…
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Friendship Meridians
Hi friends!   Without tears I could not read this historical article of 1983, which was written by the Russian…
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