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Walk by the sea

Hi friends!    I offer you a wonderful walk through the great Fountain of South Palmyra. In one post fail to…
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The Port Of Karakoy. Istanbul
Hi friends! In Istanbul there is a very cozy port, which is called Karakoy. It is located opposite eminen. Who looks…
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តាមប្រពៃណីទំនៀមទំលាប់ចាស់បុរាណ យើងតែងតែប្រារព្ធពិធីបុណ្យភ្ជុំបិណ្ឌនៅក្នុងរដូវវស្សាមានរយ:ពេល១៥ថ្ងៃ…
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I love you, Odessa!
Hi friends! How difficult it is to be silent about Odessa. This is the city I love with all my heart! 1000 times you…
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Beautiful Sunset Scene
Nature's music is never over, her silences are pauses, not conclusions. (Mary Webb) (right click on image and…
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មនុស្សយើងម្នាក់ៗកាន់តែរវល់ទៅៗ ប្រទេសកាន់តែរីកចម្រើន មនុស្សកាន់តែមមារញឹកនិងការងារ។…
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A Beautiful Evening at SeaSide
Keep looking up! I learn from the past, dream about the future and look up. There's nothing like a beautiful sunset…
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