Pierre Loti or café-Museum in Istanbul

Hi friends! Today the ship of Istanbul takes us from the Harem to Eminonu. The European part of the city is…
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in world • 2 days ago
Stonehenge - mysterious stones. England
Hi friends! "The giant's dance" is a fantastically mysterious place in Europe (Wiltshire County), which is 130 km…
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in world • 3 days ago
Time travel in Istanbul
Hi friends!    There are so many fabulous and interesting places in Istanbul that my head is spinning. I don't even…
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in art • 4 days ago
Art exhibition in Istanbul or Yeditepe Bienali program
Hi friends! Istanbul hosts the first global meeting of artists from different cities and villages of Turkey. Thirty…
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in serey • yesterday
The Old Calendar Mechanism
Hi Serey! Traveling through Ukraine I caught this device on my eye. At first, it seemed to me that it was a…
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in serey • 4 days ago
🗻Natural phenomenon on Mount Semeru
Hello.... Everyone This phenomenon is actually quite common among climbers or mountain lovers. Similar events have…
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in world • 6 days ago
A small part of old Istanbul
Hi friends! Today we are in Gulhane Park. I remind you that the Park is located in the historical part of Istanbul…
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